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   For Local People, Visitors, Hill Walkers, Ramblers, Climbers, Cavers, Holiday Makers, Anglers, Kayakers Canoeists, Paraglider Pilots & Lovers of the great Outdoors and "Expats" (Just a sample of some of the thousands who have emailed in about this site!) (Thank you for all the many comments received - Michael Hilton, )Please see snow and road updates below - THANK YOU ALL, FOR SENDING REPORTS IN, TO HELP YOUR FELLOW TRAVELLERS.............

.... Weather Forecast for Buxton & The Peak District:  ...

-No more snow fell through Sunday - we have had 28 cm (11") of snow on the ground over the past few days (measured at this location) and much of it still there! -  the snowfall over the last few days, means that although many main roads are now clear and open, side roads in the area are still severely snow affected-
From Derbyshire County Council - Sunday: "19.00 update: The Primary routes were treated from 3pm this afternoon followed by a Secondary route treatment around 6pm. The Primary routes will be treated again at 4am on Monday morning. The farmers helped to clear snow in the northwest of the county."
" NOW JUST THREE ROADS ARE REPORTING CLOSED (see pictures below!) : "A57 Snake Pass, Rushup Edge and the Winnatts Pass"
- THANK YOU ALL, FOR SENDING REPORTS IN, TO HELP YOUR FELLOW TRAVELLERS............."Just driven from Leek via winking man on A53 - then to Longnor and to Bakewell - all roads clear and fine in any car. Crowdecote switch backs clear too" Thank you Sian @ 18.35   AND  "Drove out from Stockport to Peak Forest this morning. Roads all clear. Minor side roads cleared but banked up on either side. 8 to 12 inches of snow on the tops for walkers." Thank you Richard @ 15.00   AND "A537 Cat & Fiddle Road from Buxton to Macclesfield is now completely clear, and open to all traffic" Thank you Mike Hall @ 14.40   AND  "Snake Pass is closed - Woodhead Pass is open" Thank you Eric Hilton @ 16.00   AND "Just driven in A53 Buxton to Leek . Basically clear and only a bit iffy between Buxton and Flash bar stores - rest fine."  Thank you John Martin @ 09.40   AND   "After an icy start this morning, A515 Ashbourne Road at Parsley Hay is clear and traffic is moving smoothly" Thank you Christine @ 09.40 -
Sunday Evening and Night:
A mainly dry, clear night with temperatures dropping quickly inland to give a widespread sharp frost, particularly over snowfields, and some icy patches. Minimum Temperature -5C.
A dry day with sunshine at times. Generally lighter winds but bitterly cold, with a widespread sharp frost early and later. Maximum Temperature -2 C.
Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:
Remaining cold with widespread frosts and ice. Severe night-time frosts. Further snow showers likely, particularly later on Tuesday and at times on Wednesday. Some accumulations possible. Drier on Thursday.
UK Outlook for Friday 6 Feb 2015 to Sunday 15 Feb 2015:
The cold weather will continue through Friday and Saturday, particularly in the south. There is likely to be some snow showers in the southeast at first, with widespread overnight frosts. There is a risk of more widespread rain and snow over north-western parts from Saturday as conditions are likely to become more influenced by the Atlantic. Temperatures gradually becoming less cold here, although the transition period will have the potential for further snow in places. Elsewhere, conditions will be mainly dry with some sunshine. Through the second week of February, temperatures will remain near or just below average and it will be often dry, particularly in the south. However, it will be generally more unsettled in the northwest and less cold, under the influence of Atlantic air.
UK Outlook for Monday 16 Feb 2015 to Monday 2 Mar 2015:
Whilst changeable Atlantic conditions will likely prevail at the start of the period, mainly in the north, it currently looks most probable that a period of more settled weather will dominate in the south. This leaves most parts of the UK with slightly drier, and colder conditions than average with overnight frosts and patchy fog likely at times-


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Conditions At:
21:06 on 1/2/15


Outside, Shade Temperature









Dew Point  -5.9C
Humidity  80%
Barometer (corrected to sea level)  1004mB
Rate -0.02mB/hr
 Wind Figures:
Wind Speed  0mph
Wind Direction  NNE
Wind Chill  (How the temperature actually "feels")  -2.9 C
Wind Currently Gusting  To  1mph
Peak Wind Gust Today  41mph at 1:03
 Rainfall Figures:
Total Rainfall in 2015 (To date) 133.6 mm 
Rainfall Today (Since Midnight)  1.6 mm 
Rainfall in the last hour  0.0 mm   
Total Rainfall in February  1.6 mm 
Total Rainfall in January 132 . 0 mm (5.20 inches)(including snow melt)
Total Rainfall in 2014  1245.60 mm (49.04 inches)
Total Rainfall in December 192 . 2 mm (7.57 inches)(including snow melt)
Total Rainfall in November 111.6 . 2mm (4.39 inches)
Total Rainfall in October 108 . 2mm (4.26 inches)
Total Rainfall in September 15 . 6mm (0.61 inches)
Total Rainfall in August 122 . 8mm (4.83 inches)
Total Rainfall in July 47. 6mm (1.87 inches)
Total Rainfall in June  40. 2mm (1.58 inches)
Total Rainfall in May 128. 2mm (5.07 inches)
Total Rainfall in April  64. 8mm (2.55 inches)
Total Rainfall in March  71.0 mm (2.80 inches)
Total Rainfall in February 142.2 mm (5.60 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2013  1041.00 mm (40.98 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2012  1591.60 mm (62.66 inches) 
Total Rainfall in 2011  1081.00 mm (42.56 inches)
Sunshine Figures: 
Sunshine Hours on Sunday (Sunrise to Sunset) (Updated after Sunset)  4 . 66 Hours
Sun Hours in February  4 . 66 Hours
Sun Hours in January 32 . 18 Hours
Sun Hours in 2014  1226 . 69  Hours
Sun Hours in December 34 . 51 Hours
Sun Hours in November 40 . 09 Hours
Sun Hours in October 61 . 06 Hours
Sun Hours in September 111 . 35 Hours
Sun Hours in August  139 . 95 Hours
Sun Hours in July 225 . 33 Hours
Sun Hours in June  148 . 02 Hours
Sun Hours in May 125 . 38 Hours
Sun Hours in April 121 . 36 Hours
Sun Hours in March  135 . 90 Hours
Sun Hours in February  58 . 96 Hours
Sun Hours in 2013 1242 . 01  Hours
Sun Hours in 2012 1080 . 47  Hours
Sun Hours in 2011 1237. 72  Hours
Monthly Average Temperatures:
Average Temp in January  2 . 80 C
Average Temp in 2014  9. 24 C
Average Temp in December  3 . 94 C
Average Temp in November  6 . 86 C
Average Temp in October 10 . 26 C
Average Temp in September 13 . 15 C
Average Temp in August 12 . 99 C
Average Temp in July 16 . 32 C
Average Temp in June 13 . 77C
Average Temp in May 10 . 73 C
Average Temp in April  8 . 64 C
Average Temp in March  5 . 84 C
Average Temp in February 4 . 10 C
Average Temp in January  3 . 91 C
Average Temp in 2013   7. 95 C
Average Temp in 2012  8. 02 C
Average Temp in 2011  8. 83 C
Today's Temperature Extremes:
High Temperature  1.7C at 14:47
Low Temperature  -2.9C at 21:05
Other Extremes (Since March 2003) 
Highest Shade  Temperature  30.7C at 15.51 on 9th August  2003
Low Temperature  -11.0C at 07:35 on 20th December 2010
Highest Daily Rainfall   77 mm (3.03 inches) on 10th August 2004
Highest Monthly Rainfall   287 mm (11.30 inches) in August 2004
Highest Daily Sunshine Hours   16. 19 Hours on 16th June 2010
Highest Monthly Sunshine Hours   281. 87 Hours in  July 2006
Highest Wind Speed Gust   88.08 mph on 21st January 2012
Astronomical Data
Sunrise 7:50
Sunset 16:48

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Moonrise 14:52                                                
Moonset 5:54                                   

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