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.... Weather Forecast for Buxton & The Peak District:  ...
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-ROAD and TRAFFIC -  WE HAVE FREEZING RAIN FALLING ON FROZEN GROUND, RIGHT NOW IN BUXTON @ 17.50 Saturday - roads - and pavements, are treacherous!!
LATEST REPORTS: "Just travelled A53 Leek Road to Buxton - very slippy in places and foggy too - AVOID if possible!" Thank you Tony Johnson @ 16.45   AND   Multiple accidents now on the A54 Congleton Road in the Wildbourclough area" Thank you Craig at High Peak Radio @ 16.30   AND   "Very icy, and dense fog on the A537 Cat & Fiddle Road - vehicles struggling to gain grip in places - AA van stuck near the tea rooms!!" Thank you Alice Martin @ 16.30   AND   ""Very icy conditions on the A6187, Winnats Pass above Castleton - Take Care" @ 15.50   AND   "Very difficult icy conditions being reported, causing standing traffic on the A57 Snake Pass, north of Glossop" @ 15.40  AND  A628 Woodhead Pass, north of Glossop, closed until late Saturday afternoon - - serious accident - HGV's ignoring the Road Closed signs are being stacked until road opens" Thank you Eric Hilton in Glossop @ 15.35   AND  "A54 Congleton Road both ways partially blocked, near Wilboarclough -  queuing traffic due to accident and ice from A53 Leek Road (Buxton) to A523 (Bosley Crossroads, Bosley). Approach with care. Affecting traffic between Bosley and Buxton." Thank you Craig at HIGH PEAK RADIO ... AND "Well it's lethal out there. Just stepped out of the front door and it's shiny shiny with iced rain. I had to use my ice grips on my shoes to walk around. Suffice it to say we're not going out as planned. When we had the freezing rain a few years ago, I wrote my car off and was lucky it wasn't worse.  I suggest people heed the warnings and stay at home. This is much worse than snow!" Thank you Claire Yates @ 13.35  AND  "I have just driven from Bradwell to Taddington via Bradwell moor and Peak  Forest A623 - A lot of the side roads have patches of black ice (or Freezing rain as the forecasters will have it!) together with an air temperature between -2 and -1, extra care is needed." Thank you Iain @ 12.50  AND "Roads and Pavements in Buxton Town are very icy" Thank you John Owen @ 12.50  AND   "The incline in to Goyt, down from the A5004 Long Hill Road, is black ice all the way down after rain freezing" Thank you Stuart McNeil @ 12.15 Saturday
LATEST  FROM THE MET OFFICE "Between 13:00 Sat 15th and 06:00 Sun 16th.....  Freezing rain is expected to result in the rapid development of widespread ice, with very dangerous travelling conditions likely.
What to expect :
Injuries from slips and falls and danger to life on icy surfaces are likely
Black ice may form quickly affecting bus, train and air travel
Dangerous driving conditions are likely leading to road traffic collisions, road closures and longer journey times
Pavements and cycle paths likely to become instantly impassable because of the sudden formation of black ice
Power and other services, such as telephone and mobile phone coverage, likely to be interrupted or cut"
-Saturday Evening and Night:
Wintry showers turning much wetter - freezing rain, persisting especially over higher ground in the Peak District- turning to rain everywhere as the temperature increases by 3 or 4 degrees overnight - brisk south westerly winds - Minimum Air Temperature 1 C.
Sunday, any overnight showers clearing before dawn, with drier and brighter skies soon developing for the morning - later in the day scattered showers returning , together with some damp misty drizzly conditions - south westerly winds turning light - Maximum Air Temperature 5 C.
Sunday Evening and Night:
Scattered showers, heavy at times, with some damp drizzly conditions too - showers mainly clearing late in the night - light south westerly winds - Minimum Air Temperature 3 C.
Monday, mainly dry with some bright and sunny periods - south westerly winds picking up a little, later - Maximum Air Temperature 6 C.
Monday Evening and Night:
Mainly dry with some clear periods - south westerly winds becoming more lively - and cloud building more, later in the night - - Minimum Air Temperature 6 C.
Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:
Tuesday, showers, some heavy, at times through the day - very strong and gusty southerly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 7 C. Wednesday, any early showers clearing, then mainly dry - lively southerly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 6 C. Thursday, mainly dry - lighter south westerly winds - Maximum Air Temperature 6 C. -
After all the wonderful pictures, shared on this site through the Summer - of low water levels at Ladybower, Derwent Village, Derwent Hall and the "Love Seat" - though you might like to see a complete picture of the Hall, and the front steps to the hall, around 1940, when it was leased out by its then owners, Severn Trent Water, for use as a Youth Hostel - Lord Edmund FitzAlan-Howard vacated the hall in 1932, and it was let as a Youth Hostel, and used by many hikers and walkers through the YHA, until the waters started to rise in 1943! In 1943, with the Derwent Dam all but complete, the house was finally vacated and Charles Boot, a notable demolition contractor, was engaged to dismantle it, one consequence being that much of the best pieces of architectural salvage went to embellish his home at Thornbridge Hall, Ashford. Derby and Nottingham Corporations both acquired oak panelling and other items for their respective Council HQs. The two pairs of late 17th century gate-piers and their iron gates were relocated to Woodthorpe Hall, Holmesfield and Ladybower Dam respectively, and the remainder of the house was reduced to low standing walls. (Thank you to my neighbour Sheila, for the picture below of the Derwent Hall,  and the bridge over the River Derwent):

"Blue" - another posting on Facebook  Sunday 9th - please let me know if you hear more!....................
Janet Galloway:
FAIRFIELD, ASHWOOD DALE, RIVER WYE..EARL STERNDALE..KING'S STERNDALE..collie running around please keep an eye out #bringbluehome IF YOU FIND HIM SANTA WILL BE VERY PLEASED!!!!!!! ANY SIGHTING PLEASE RING 07849339428 asap - please try to photograph him if you can before he runs away..he will be very scared x

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-UK, Met Office - Longer Range Forecast, for the entire UK   Met Office.:
-UK Outlook for Thursday 20 Dec 2018 to Saturday 29 Dec 2018:
Thursday should start showery, especially in the north and west, but the showers should die out through the day, and the brisk breeze in the south should ease too. Temperatures will be around normal, so some overnight frosts are likely. Further wet and windy weather is then expected to arrive from the west on Friday. It is then likely to remain mostly unsettled through the rest of the period with spells of rain and strong winds. The heaviest rain will be in the west with eastern parts staying generally drier. With the unsettled weather temperatures are likely to be around average, or a little above in the south. However, there is a small chance of a colder and showery spell developing during Christmas week.
UK Outlook for Sunday 30 Dec 2018 to Sunday 13 Jan 2019:
The start of this period is most likely to be unsettled with the continuation of wet and windy weather pushing in from the west. Through the first half of January there is an increasing likelihood for it to turn colder bringing the increased risk of winter hazards, especially frost and fog. Some snow is also likely with temperatures expected to fall below normal. However, there is uncertainty in the timing of this change to turn colder, and it could come before the end of December.-


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Conditions At:
17:49 on 15/12/18


Outside, Shade Temperature











Dew Point  -0.3C
Humidity  97%
Barometer (corrected to sea level)  998mB
Rate -1.30mB/hr
 Wind Figures:
Wind Speed  2mph
Wind Direction  ENE
Wind Chill  (How the temperature actually "feels")  -0.8 C
Wind Currently Gusting  To  18mph
Peak Wind Gust Today  30mph at 12:15
 Rainfall Figures:
Rainfall Today (Since Midnight)  4.2 mm 
Rainfall in the last hour  2.4 mm 
Total Rainfall in December  91.6 mm 
Total Rainfall in November 89 . 6 mm (3.53 inches)
Total Rainfall in October 74 . 2 mm (2.92 inches)
Total Rainfall in September 134 . 2 mm (5.28 inches)
Total Rainfall in August 53 . 4 mm (2.10 inches)
Total Rainfall in July 42 . 0 mm (1.65 inches)
Total Rainfall in June 11 . 2 mm (0.44 inches)
Total Rainfall in May 33 . 8 mm (1.33 inches)
Total Rainfall in April 88 . 2 mm (3.47 inches)
Total Rainfall in March 146 . 6 mm (5.78 inches) (inc snow melt)
Total Rainfall in February 65 . 8 mm (2.59 inches)
Total Rainfall in January 160 . 2 mm (6.31 inches)
Total Rainfall in December 141 . 1 mm (5.56 inches)
Total Rainfall in November 104 . 8 mm (4.13 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2017 1250.4 mm (49.23 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2016 1055.2 mm (41.54 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2015  1191.20 mm (46.90 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2014  1245.60 mm (49.04 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2013  1041.00 mm (40.98 inches)
Total Rainfall in 2012  1591.60 mm (62.66 inches) 
Sunshine Figures: 
Sunshine hours on Saturday  (Sunrise to Sunset) (Updated after Sunset)  0 . 13 Hours
Sun Hours in December  13 . 23 Hours
Sun Hours in November  39 . 27 Hours
Sun Hours in October  93 . 82 Hours
Sun Hours in September 129 . 28 Hours
Sun Hours in August 129 . 43 Hours
Sun Hours in July 258 . 96 Hours
Sun Hours in June 258 . 73 Hours
Sun Hours in May 255 . 54 Hours
Sun Hours in April 87 . 20 Hours
Sun Hours in March 55 . 93 Hours
Sun Hours in February 73 . 05 Hours
Sun Hours in January 24 . 95 Hours
Sun Hours in December  30 . 03 Hours
Sun Hours in November 49 . 63 Hours
Sun Hours in 2017 1096 . 00 Hours
Sun Hours in 2016 1219 . 59 Hours
Sun Hours in 2015 1239 . 88  Hours
Sun Hours in 2014  1226 . 69  Hours
Sun Hours in 2013 1242 . 01  Hours
Sun Hours in 2012 1080 . 47  Hours
Monthly Average Temperatures:
Average Temp in November 6. 28 C
Average Temp in October 8 . 69 C
Average Temp in September 11 . 85 C
Average Temp in August 14 . 83 C
Average Temp in July 17 . 61 C
Average Temp in June 15 . 12 C
Average Temp in May 12 . 45 C
Average Temp in April 7 . 44 C
Average Temp in March 2 . 53 C
Average Temp in February 1 . 04 C
Average Temp in January 3 . 17 C
Average Temp in December '17 3 . 53 C
Average Temp in November '17 5 . 46 C
Average Temp in October '17 10 . 61 C
Average Temp in 2017  9. 60 C
Average Temp in 2016  8. 95 C
Average Temp in 2015  8. 54 C
Average Temp in 2014  9. 24 C
Average Temp in 2013  7. 95 C
Average Temp in 2012  8. 02 C
Today's Temperature Extremes:
High Temperature  0.2C at 17:47
Low Temperature  -1.7C at 10:55
Other Extremes (Since March 2003) 
Highest Shade  Temperature  30.7C at 15.51 on 9th August  2003
Low Temperature  -11.0C at 07:35 on 20th December 2010
Highest Daily Rainfall (Midnight to Midnight)  77 mm (3.03 inches) on 10th August 2004
Highest Monthly Rainfall   287 mm (11.30 inches) in August 2004
Highest Daily Sunshine Hours   16. 36 Hours on 27th June 2018
(Previous highest was
 16. 19 Hours on 16th June 2010)
Highest Monthly Sunshine Hours   281. 87 Hours in  July 2006
Highest Wind Speed Gust   88.08 mph on 21st January 2012
Astronomical Data
Sunrise 8:15
Sunset 15:49

Moon Phase Indicator Below - Click on the icon for an explanation, and details of the moon's phases, and a calculator of the moon's phase on any day in history - or in the future!

Moonrise 12:51                                                
Moonset ---                                   


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